From ovens, ice makers, double ovens, microwaves, cooktops, freezers, gas grills, garbage disposals, dishwashers, trash compactors, wash dryer combos, ovens, stoves or ranges, washers, refrigerators to washing machines any of them can crash when you least expect it. These appliances are at the heart of our modern life and comfortable living. Without them life would be something the modern busy individual might not be able to deal with. Cooking meals using charcoal or firewood, hand washing clothes or working without a vacuum cleaner is a foreign concept today.

An appliance that has stopped working is thus a major emergency in many households. The question whether it’s better and cheaper to replace or repair always comes up in such scenarios. Of course, every appliance out there hits a point of declining returns and fixing it makes a lot of sense than getting a new one.

When should you repair an appliance?

  • When the cost of the repairs doesn’t exceed half of the cost of buying a new appliance
  • Device is under a warranty
  • If the appliance hasn’t passed its average life cycle repairing makes sense
  • The device is a higher-end or antique difficult to find a replacement
  • The repairs required are minor and inexpensive and could extend device life for couple of years

Cost of appliance repairs

It’s not always easy to know the cost of repairing an appliance once it has broken down. The cost varies significantly, particularly due to the diversity of brand and types of repairs. Knowing the price range or getting a quote is always wise to allow you to prepare accordingly and ascertain whether you need to go with replacement or get it fixed.

When it comes to cost of fixing the device, it’ll mostly be based on the kind of appliance to be fixed and the severity or extent of the damage. Sometimes geographical location also matters. It’s paramount to let the technician diagnose the problem to provide the best estimate as much as possible.

Have basic technical information with you

Once an appliance has broken down and repairs are required it’s essential to have all the device’s technical specifications with you. This includes such details as the serial number, model and brand, among others. In case the product was registered on the internet the info can be conveniently accessed at the website of the manufacturer mostly under support and services. If not, the technical details will most likely be listed on the appliance as well as in the owner’s manual.

Repair technician guarantees

Apart from finding the right and best appliance repair service, it’s important to have some guarantees from the technician or repair company. This includes treating your home and those who live there with respect by arriving on time, providing clear and fair estimates and leaving the home as clean and neat as it originally was at arrival.

Always remember any device can be repaired effectively for a price. The cost will vary a lot but fixing the item can definitely be done. Appliances do not die only an internal section or part breaks down. With that in mind, contact the team at who will fix an appliance issue.